Consultant with a passion for results.

As an independent civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience in research and development, there has been lot of opportunity to get far around both technologically and internationally. But also in various industries, where I have been involved in solving tasks in the areas of trunking radio, mobile phones, marine automation, oceanography, webshops, food analysis and particle research. Most often it has been tasks such as research, analysis, optimization, software design, implementation and troubleshooting.

My starting point is technical development and real-time acquisition/control, where software development in particular has been the dominant point of view for the tasks. Software is a great tool for solving a wide range of problems, but also requires constant acquisition of new knowledge due to specialization and new development.

I have been working with teams/organizations of different sizes, both local and international. We have used Scrum (CI), Staged delivery, Waterfall or ad-hoc as development methods. In particular, it has been exciting/enriching to work with scattered teams where distance, time zone and cultural have been challenging.

My approach to tasks is pragmatic, focused and highly result oriented. I draw on my vast experience to suggest possible solutions within the given framework and take pride in helping to solve the task. I am self-driven and solve tasks both independently and in close cooperation with others who benefit from my commitment. In particular, I have great pleasure in working interdisciplinary where many different competencies come into play.