Integration and automation of webshop, partners and subsystems.
PHP, WordPress, PHPStorm, Docker

Foss Analytics
Migration to new PC platform. Customization and hardning of Win7 og Win10 IoT images. Test and documentation.
WinPE, Win10 IoT, platform builder, DISM, Group policies

Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine

Distributed automation systems and new development of network protocols for the specific purpose. New development of embedded hardware and migration of existing software. Development of solution for firmware deployment.
ARM Cortex, assembler, C/C++, C#, DevOps, Lauterbach, Segger, TCP/IP, SNMP, GIT

Technical project support for machinery used in particle research, requirement, validation and test. New development and integration of control systems to internal test equipment.
Office, Visual Studio C/C++, C#, Igor Pro

Support with regard of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Typescript


Securing legacy test setup. Migration to PC based solution.
Data tapes, RS232, 8088.

Code review and design advisory.
Linux, Visual Studio, Gcc.


New development of underwater towed vehicle for oceanography. Design, implementation and test for control loops and monitoring. Development of performance and simulation tools for underwater vehicle.
Visual Studio, Delphi, Matlab

Development of S30, S40 mobilphones. Migration of existing software to new platforms.
ARM, Cygwin, Synergy, Visual Studio, Lauterbach.

Anritsu (Nettest)
Development of tools to configuration to network test requirement. equipment.
Eclipse, Java.

Development of Tetra trunking radio regarding network management, Supervision, configuration and control of radio networks. Setup and installation of UNIX servers. Deployment of software to base stationer. Import, export databases.
SQL, Java, IntelliJ, Emacs, Solaris, Linux, Interbase, ClearCase, Rational Rose.

Computer danmark
Design and development of web shop with back end services. Automatic supplier ordering and drop shipment.
MySQL, PHP, HTML, XML, Gcc, Linux.

Design and development of 2D-3D graphical tools for visualization of huge scientifically data sets.
Linux, Gcc, emacs, X11, Gnu-Make.

Geologi Marine Instrumentation
Development of underwater towed vehicle for oceanography. Design, optimization and implementation of control system. Development of tool and simulation models for user guidance.
8082, pascal, Java.